At Now Selling we know how to market your listing to reach potential buyers and think outside the box to get you the results you desire.

Listed below are some of the Now Selling marketing and advertising strategies used in attracting potential buyers.

You Tube / Trademe

Social media plays a big part in marketing your listing to target out of town and overseas buyers.

Real Estate Sites

Now Selling will market your listing page on a number of real estate and private buyers / sellers groups to reach thousands of buyers.

Video and Pictures Taken

We take a number of photos and videos to promote your listing and use to advertise upcoming open homes you may want to hold. Also used on social media platforms to get your listing out there and attract potential buyers.

Drone Photography

We offer professional drone photography to capture your surrounding views you may have or the prime location you are in to help market your property.

Go Lives

Now selling has set packages that we can arrange a Go Live walk though of your property. This is great for out of town and overseas buyers who cannot visit your property in person. They can ask questions at the time of the Go Live and get the answer they require along with requesting to see areas they might want to view by asking at the time of the Go Live.

Marketing Your Open Home

Now Selling will advertise your open home date and times to give buyers the chance to plan a visit in advance.

Promotion Videos Made

Now Selling has set packages that we will arrange a promotional video of your listing to help market your house for buyers to view. This is a very effective marketing strategy.

Walk though videos for buyers to view

Walk though videos are a great way to market your house for buyers to feel like they know the place before they have visited it. By doing a video we keep it real with no tricks or touch ups or wide angle lens.

Private sale Signage

Now Selling will arrange private selling signage to be dropped off to you so this can go outside your property to let people know it is Now Selling.

Trailer billboards

Now Selling owns a number of 3x6 meter trailer billboards to advertise on to attract potential buyers. When these are driven around or parked up in set areas you cannot get more in your face marketing sitting at a set of lights or in a cafe and not see one of these drive past you.

Walking billboards

Great for targeting a set area at set times and handing out your listing flyer to get it out there to be sold.

Local marketing and advertising media

Now Selling has a number of local advertising platforms we can go over with you depending on what best suits your budget to get your listing out there! Every area is different so we can custom build a package that best suits your area.

Laser light advertising

Now Selling can advertise your private home is for sale using lasers on your property when doing an open home at night or on a set area for all to see. When you are requiring the wow factor and wanting people to start talking about your listing this is a must. We will custom make a laser show listing for your property.

Controlled flame burners

When going to your auction your upcoming buyers are keen to know it is now for sale and has hit the reserve, so what better than the buyer inside flicking a switch that will set the controlled four meter flames off outside in a safe location next to the auctioneer for all to know this house is now selling .This is great for putting some life into your auction, you can’t get better than this.