With our Now Selling Ultimate Private Sale Package we will custom build this for you and go over a number of key marketing ideas we can put into place to best work in your area as well as attracting out of town buyers.

These marketing strategies can include:

A ) Your own Now Selling marketing page that we will be show casing the photos and videos of your listing for potential buyers to view. This is the perfect way to target out of town and local buyers.
B ) Now Selling will take promo videos and professional photos to use for marketing your listing ( your listing will be posted up for three months as an event page under Now Selling ).
C ) Now Selling will add your marketing page link to our Trade Me listing for Now Selling, we don't charge you to list your home on Trade Me as most clients have their own Trade Me account. You can use the photos and videos Now Selling has taken for your own Trade Me account if you wish. ( Now Selling can help you with your trade me listing )
D ) Now Selling will supply you your private home selling sign to be placed facing the street for all to see.
E ) Now Selling will advertise and market your house throughout the three months on our website and other advertising platforms we use that gets great results for our customers. Additional marketing time can be added if your home has not been sold with in the three month marketing package.
F ) Now Selling will supply a professional promotional video of your listing to be used on your marketing page and other social media platforms.
G ) Now Selling will do a go live walk though of your listing, this is great way to target out of town buyers who want to view inside before they arrange to come and view.
H ) Now Selling will work with you and be able to show you insights of our marketing we have put in place for your listing i,e numbers visiting your page / targeted age and gender / location they are in.
I ) Now Selling can arrange promotional flyers for your listing so you can hand out at upcoming open homes.
J ) Now Selling can market your listing on our six by twelve meter trailer billboard that can be driven around for all to see at set times in set areas, ( different marketing packages can be offered for this, please call us to find out more )
K ) Once you have listed your place with Now Selling we are on hand to help you along the way in getting your listing sold, feel free to call, text or email us.
L ) Now Selling can arrange other local forms of marketing depending on your budget. One of our Now Selling marketing consultants can work with you to achieve the best results in marketing your listing.


To confirm your Now Selling Marketing package

A) Send us a email with the Marketing package you require ( Premium, Superior or the Ultimate Private sale package wish we will custom build for you )
B) Now Selling will email you the details for you to confirm your marketing package.
C) We will arrange with you to call around on a sunny day to take the professional photos and videos required for our marketing purposes
D ) Now Selling will drop off the marketing signage to go outside.
E ) You will be sent a link to your marketing page to follow and share.
F ) Now Selling will be only a phone call or email away for any help you may require in getting your listing out there to be sold.