Now Selling will put in place our professional marketing package to advertise your property for buyers locally and out of town / overseas to view.

Do you want to sell your home privately and save thousands by not paying any real estate commission ??

No matter were you live in New Zealand Now Selling can work with you in getting your house out there to be sold.

This marketing package is for those who can take their own high resolution photos / videos or know someone who can do this for you.

To test how good we are, do a google on "Now Selling Marketing" and also visit YouTube which has over 300 videos posted up every minute and see how many times Now Selling Marketing comes up for you, our marketing actions will prove to you just how good we are.

If you require a professional marketing business to work with you in getting your house sold, Now Selling knows how to get it out there for thousands of buyers to view it.


To market your property the following strategies are included:

A ) Now Selling will put in place a Trade me listing for your property with the photos and videos you have sent us, plus look after all the inquires for you in the marketing time fame required so you only have to deal with the interested buyers. ( your contact details can be added if you wish to deal with everyone yourself )

B) Your own Now Selling marketing page that we will be show casing the photos and videos of your property for potential buyers to view. This is the perfect way to target local and out of town buyers.

C ) Now Selling will supply your private selling sign to be placed outside your property for all to see it is Now Selling.

E ) Now Selling will advertise and market your property throughout the three months on our website and other great advertising platforms we use to reach thousands of buyers. Additional marketing time can be added if your property has not been sold with in the three month marketing package.

F ) Now Selling will supply a professional promotional video of your property to be used on your marketing page and other social media platforms that gets great results for our customers.

G ) Now Selling will work with you and be able to show you insights of our marketing we have put in place for your listing i,e numbers visiting your page / targeted age and gender / location they are in.

H ) Once you have listed your property with Now Selling we are on hand to help you along the way in getting your listing sold, feel free to call, text or email us.

I ) Now Selling will only list X amount of property's at any one time as each listing requires time and effort in marketing your listing for buyers to view it.
( Now Selling, getting it out there to be SOLD !! )


To confirm your Now Selling marketing package:

A) Email us your contact details along with the marketing package you require.
B) We will email you our advertising form for you to fill in and email us back.
C) Now Selling will email you the details for you to confirm your marketing package to be put in place.